CRUDlex is an easy to use, well documented and tested CRUD generator for Silex. It is very useful to generate admin pages for example.

Support via Gratipay

CRUDlex List


  • Generates a web application for managing MySQL stored data
    • C reate entries
    • R ead entries in a list and the details of single ones
    • U pdate entries
    • D elete entries
  • The list of entries is paginated, sortable and filterable
  • The entries can be relational, one-to-many and many-to-many is supported
  • Managing files is supported, either stored in the filesystem or at AWS S3 as addon
  • The UI is available in multiple languages
  • File storage is abstract, implementing other systems than the filesystem and AWS S3 is easy
  • Data storage is abstract, implementing other backends than MySQL is easy

Check out its repository:

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How to build the documentation:

# Install dependencies
pip install Sphinx
pip install tk.phpautodoc
# Generate:
cd docs
make html


CRUDlex uses SemVer for versioning. Currently, the API changes quickly due to be < 1.0.0, so take care about notes in the changelog when upgrading.


"require": {
    "philiplb/crudlex": "0.12.0"

Bleeding Edge

"require": {
    "philiplb/crudlex": "0.13.x-dev"

Sample Project

For a complete example, checkout the sample project with the classic libraries and books:

CRUDlex Sample


There are several surrounding projects around CRUDlex:


The project roadmap is organized via milestones: CRUDlex Milestones

Beware that not each new feature will get its own ticket there. Some are implemented on the fly when needed.

Each milestone is loosely organized as project in the columns “Backlog” (Todo), “Staging” (Being worked on (next)) and “Done” (done):

CRUDlex Milestone Projects

Older Versions Documentation


The manual is a reference describing every feature of CRUDlex:

API Documentation

The CRUDlex API itself is documented here:

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