• SQLSplitter released!

    A new generation of SQL file splitting has been released!

    Say hello to the SQLSplitter!

    This is its official homepage: https://sqlsplitter.com.

    This website has a short presentation.

  • Good bye Flynn

    Sadly, Flynn has gone EOL an the first of July 2021. So it is time for a good bye. It was a great PaaS with really low administration effort and quite reliable over all the years and great support! Thank you!

    All Flynn related repositories at GitHub have been archived.

  • A new version of the SQLDumpSplitter3!

    After some time, a new version of the SQLDumpSplitter3 got released!

    Along with some important fixes, it brings some nice new features:

    • added the command line interface
    • tracking USE statements and repeating them in the splitted files
    • fixed a bug that the UTF8 BOM didn’t get recognized as whitespace and so the very first query was always seen as general query and not an INSERT for example
    • fixed a bug caused by the standard library buffered reader where the Peek function influences the Read position and so single “/” where removed from the resulting SQL

    The latter got fixed by an own re-implementation of a buffered reader of Go, which is open source now: Peek-A-Buf.

    So head over to its page and grab your copy.

  • Valdi 1.0 Released!

    Valdi 1.0 got released on the 14th of January and now has its own page here!

    It is a super simple, yet complete data validation PHP library.


    (Big thanks to Jamie Thormann for this awesome mascot!)

    Check out its repository: https://github.com/philiplb/Valdi

    Reasons to use Valdi:

    • Easy to use
    • Feature complete
    • Lightweight, without dependencies
    • Well documented
    • Well tested
    • Extensible

    So head over to its page and grab your copy.

  • A new maintenance version of the SQLDumpSplitter3!

    Right before christmas, a new maintenance version of the SQLDumpSplitter3 got released!

    It contains one important change which could break the produced SQL:

    • fixed a bug where the SQL got split incorrectly if string literals like N'Foo' were used

    So head over to its page and grab your copy.