72 commits later, the release of CRUDlex 0.11.0 is done.

The highlights are: A french translation was added by https://github.com/k20human. And a visual editor got introduced, producing HTML, along with a WYSIWYM data type.

The manual got a new chapter with an overview of all YAML features.

A lot of fixes and tweaks happened as well.

Read on to see the full changelog of CRUDlex for details!

  • Added a french translation, thanks to https://github.com/k20human
  • Added a new data type: WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean), with a visual editor producing HTML
  • Added a “CRUD YAML Reference” chapter in the documentation
  • The referencing children list of an entity has now an “Create New” button, thanks to https://github.com/k20human
  • The endpoint for static files now uses ETag caching speeding up the rendering of the UI
  • Fixed the initialization of the TwigServiceProvider using the Silex 2 API now
  • Attention: Removed the method AbstractData::fetchReferences and so simplified further implementations
  • Fixed the feature of prepopulated creation forms via GET parameter
  • Nicer visualization of boolean values using icons
  • Fixed the initialization of the TwigServiceProvider if it wasn’t present yet
  • Fixed adding the YAML loader and languages to the translator by moving it to the boot phase of the service provider
  • Fixed a crash if a many field was a reserved MySQL word
  • Filters now only do a LIKE-comparison if the field is a text, multiline or fixed field, else they use strict equals
  • Restructured the i18n handling and initialization a bit so the ‘crud’ provider is properly lazily initialized and the YaML not parsed for routes outside CRUDlex
  • Nullable fields with empty form input are now properly stored as null
  • Removed dependencies:
    • Moment.js
  • Updated dependencies:
    • “eloquent/phony”: “~0.14”
    • “symfony/browser-kit”: “~3.2”
    • “symfony/css-selector”: “~3.2”
    • “symfony/twig-bridge”: “~3.2”
    • “symfony/yaml”: “~3.2”
    • flatpickr 2.4.8
    • jQuery 3.2.1