What a cliché as a title for the first post. :)

So I wanted this blog/page to have a small platform for some of my projects and for whenever I feel like typing something.

So I threw together some stuff with Jekyll, added some plugins, adjusted the default theme and here we go.

No specific topic here, but I guess it will be mostly about technical stuff.

All in all: Hello. :)

I’m starting with pages about two projects of mine:

There might be more projects added, the pages might be extended, there might be totally different pages, the future will show.

At some point, there will be comments added. At least when some postings worth it exist. But I don’t want to just include a foreign system like Disqus and so far I’ve not found anything self hosted I like. Maybe I just write something and put it on my GitHub account.

And the random quotes will come back for sure. :)