A new generation has been released, the SQLDumpSplitter3.

A long time ago, I wrote a program called SQLDumpSplitter 2. The readme of the zip says it was released somewhere in 2002. Wow, 14 years ago…

It’s purpose was to take take big SQL files and split it into multiple smaller ones. You could set the max size per file.

SQLDumpSplitter 2

Back then it was useful for getting around per file upload limits of your hosting provider.

To my surprise, I still get some E-Mails about it every few months. I discovered that this page for example offers the little application:


Or take this site: http://www.bswebdev.com/2008/05/sql-file-splitter-to-the-rescue/

By the E-Mails I can tell that there is at least one bug in the parser and some files can’t be processed. But I can’t offer any support for this program as I don’t know where the source has gone.

The program was written with some version of Delphi. So I had to make it compatible with Lazarus first.

Maybe I just rewrite it at some point, who knows.

But there’s something I can at least do, offer the program here, too. :-)

So here we go: SQLDumpSplitter.zip

Maybe it still is useful for someone. And it somehow found its way back home. :-)

Small Update a day later: Nice, I just found a version looking like the original ZIP including the (german) readme. I updated the download with it.