• CRUDlex 0.13.0 Released

    This rather small release brings one new feature: The ability to hard delete database entries. This is opt in and soft deletion is still the default.

    The actual reason for this release is the bugfix to always deliver the correct Content-Type header of the static assets like CSS files.

  • CRUDlex 0.12.0 Released

    It needed 65 commits to make the release of CRUDlex 0.12.0.

    The homegrown file handling abstraction went away and got replaced with the awesome Flysystem, allowing many more storage types than the filesystem and AWS S3.

    Also a caching mechanism for the crud.yml got introduced so it doesn’t get parsed on each page call but the compiled result is stored to disk and finally ends up in the opcache.

    Two more new features are to be highlighted as they were contributed:

    Read on to see the full changelog of CRUDlex for details!

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  • CRUDlex 0.11.0 Released

    72 commits later, the release of CRUDlex 0.11.0 is done.

    The highlights are: A french translation was added by https://github.com/k20human. And a visual editor got introduced, producing HTML, along with a WYSIWYM data type.

    The manual got a new chapter with an overview of all YAML features.

    A lot of fixes and tweaks happened as well.

    Read on to see the full changelog of CRUDlex for details!

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  • Deploying Adminer on Flynn

    Flynn is EOL :(

    In order to administrate Flynn hosted databases but not open direct external access, the small project Adminer on Flynn just got created.

  • Setting Limits for Single Applications in Flynn

    Flynn is EOL :(

    As a PaaS, it is important on operating Flynn to be able to know and tweak some limits of the applications so a single one can’t bring down the cluster as whole.

    Flynn offers such limits with sensible defaults:

    • cpu=1000
    • max_fd=10000
    • memory=1GB
    • temp_disk=100MB

    How to set those limits and what they mean will be discussed now.

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